About Us

Ag Drones Northwest is a boutique, customer-focused aerial application company for growers and land managers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Our founder and chief pilot, Bill Kuper, grew up on a small farm in western Washington, and has a long history of technology leadership. He has been flying drones since 2012, and when he saw the capabilities of this new generation of agricultural drones, he knew he needed to bring this technology to growers.

Bill has been a business owner since 1996, and his greatest joy is helping his clients discover new tools to increase cost- and time-efficiencies.

Bill Kuper
Founder and Chief Berry Picker

Our Mission

Ag Drones Northwest is dedicated to providing our clients and community with innovative solutions for aerial applications throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We utilize the latest UAV technology to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective outcomes possible, and develop long-lasting, trusted relationships with our customers and partners.

What We Do

We bring the latest drone application technology to Pacific Northwest growers and land managers.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can now carry and dispense liquids or solids in a precise, repeatable way.

We take advantage of this technology to offer safe, reliable protection for specialty crops, eradication of weeds and pests, and seeding after forest fires.





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We’re looking for partners to help us focus on specialty crops such as fruit trees and vineyards. Let’s do some trials together and you’ll receive a lifetime discount on our services!

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