Be a Trial Partner

We’re looking for forward-thinking growers and land managers to join our Ag Drone Trial Program.

Together we will lead the industry in best practices for this new technology, and partners will receive a 15% lifetime discount on the services we test.

We want to work with fruit tree growers, grape growers, hop growers, or any other specialty crop in the state.  

We’ll test with water, dye, and paper test strips. Once we have all the parameters dialed in on your particular situation, we will apply real product on the entire test parcel (up to 5 acres), completely free of charge.

If you’re happy with the results, we will apply to the rest of your crops at the discounted rate for as long as we do business together.

Here's How It Works

We’ll scout your site, and fly a mapping mission to create highly accurate route files for the spray drone.

On trial day we spray the crops with water and blue dye, changing variables such as height, speed, GPA, etc.

After analyzing the spray patterns, together we will determine the proper settings for the rest of your site.

Interested? Click on the button below to fill out the Trial Partner Form, and we will be in touch to discuss all the details.

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