When Should You Hire a Drone Application Company to Spray Specialty Crops?

Drone sprayers are not the magic bullet to every crop protection scenario. Ground rigs, fixed-wing airplanes, and helicopters will always have their place. But hiring a drone application company to spray specialty crops such as fruit trees and vineyards can make sense in several situations:

  1. Large or difficult-to-reach areas: If the specialty crop is grown in a large area or has areas that are difficult to reach with traditional spray equipment, then hiring a drone application company can be a good choice. Drones can easily navigate uneven terrain and can cover large areas quickly and efficiently.

  2. Precision spraying: If precise and accurate spraying is required, then drones can be an excellent choice. They can be programmed to apply pesticides or herbicides in specific patterns and densities, ensuring that each plant receives the right amount of treatment. This can be especially important for crops such as vineyards and fruit trees, where the health and productivity of individual plants is critical.

  3. Chemical and water usage: Drones have a secret weapon in that the natural prop wash from the rotors pushes droplets down into the canopy, resulting in effective coverage using much less water and chemicals than a ground sprayer, which uses hydraulics to get the chemical onto the plants.
  4. Environmental concerns: If there are environmental concerns related to traditional spraying methods, such as the risk of pesticide runoff or the potential harm to beneficial insects, then using drones can be a good choice. Drones can be programmed to apply pesticides in a targeted manner, reducing the risk of damage to the environment and non-target organisms.

  5. Labor costs: If manual labor costs for spraying the specialty crop are high or the availability of labor is limited, then hiring a drone application company can be cost-effective. Drones can complete the spraying job quickly and efficiently, reducing the labor required and the associated costs.

  6. Safety concerns: If safety concerns are present, such as spraying on steep terrain or in areas with potential hazards, then using a drone can be a safer alternative to traditional methods. Drones can be operated remotely, reducing the risk of injury to workers.

Overall, hiring a drone application company to spray specialty crops such as fruit trees and vineyards can be a good choice in situations where precision spraying, environmental concerns, labor costs, safety concerns, and difficult-to-reach areas are present. 

It’s important to evaluate the specific needs of the crop and the available options to determine whether drone spraying is the best choice for the situation.

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Bill Kuper

Bill Kuper

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